How does the website audit work?


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Are you looking for a digital marketing partner who knows the industry and have success with setting up profitable e-commerce sites? Get started with a website audit to get a lay of the land, and understand what needs to be done to reach your full potential online.


Growth: Grow your business with our SEOSocial Media, and Digital Outreach Strategies tailored for the watch- and jewelry industry. We strive to provide your business with modern solutions to help you free up time and generate more predictable income.

Captivate: Engage your customers and increase sales with a sleek E-Commerce website, integrated to our product database with complete watch- and jewelry collections from the brands you carry.

Automate: Together we will create an alluring digital marketing campaign with your business goals in mind. Building an effective marketing strategy with us allows you to focus less on chasing clients, and more on greeting them at the door.

You’re in good company

We have work with high end brand names and retailers all over the world.

The folks at OWUP are great at what they do. They walked me through each phase of the project and promptly answered any and all questions I had. Their approach to our project was professional and to the point. At no point did I feel we made a mistake or could have done better in choosing our e-commerce partner.

So far, we’re happy with our experience with OWUP. They have been good to work with – professional, knowledgeable, and good in their communication, organization and responsiveness. We are very pleased with the initial directions of our results and expect strong ROI in the near future.


Does my website need an Audit?

If you are trying to improve your website’s ranking or want to know what you could be doing better, or just need some advice on other strategies you could be employing, then the short answer is Yes, you most likely need an Web Audit to ensure you are doing everything possible (and correctly) to ensure a high ranking.

Our Web Audit Service will help you identify your website’s optimization issues and strengths. As website optimization practices continue to evolve and change, your website’s needs to adapt in order to remain competitive in search. No website is ever perfectly optimized and we may open your eyes to issues that you may not have ever considered as being related to your websites ranking.

How are the Website Audits done?

Our website audit uses machine artificial intelligence to expertly crawl your website and find every issue that human eyes might miss – then emails you with a list of the top issues regarding your website.

How long does it take?

You should recieve your Web Audit within an hour via email.

What if I have questions about my Website Audit Report?

You are free to ask us questions about your report at any time.  We can be reached via email at or phone during normal business hours.