We transform watch and jewelry traditions into profitable digital experiences


Why watch and jewelry stores choose owup for their digital agency

We are digital marketing experts specializing in promoting and boosting the online profile of watch and jewelry stores. OWUP designs and implements integrated digital marketing solutions that inspire customers to browse your goods and, most importantly, purchase. The luxury goods industry has a long tradition of catering to refined tastes; We refine that tradition to address today’s digital shopping habits.
Increase Online and In-Store Watch and Jewelry Sales

Our bottom-line is the same as yours. To sell more watches and jewelry, online and in store.  True, today’s consumers shop more online. But they also like to shop in a store where they can see and touch the goods. OWUP digital strategies promote both.

Our Motivation is your success

When you engage OWUP as your digital agency, you engage more than just an agency that does web design, social media management and content creation. You hire a group of skilled digital marketers who know your industry, know your business objectives and know how to help you achieve success online. We don’t just work for you—we work with you.OWUP partners with you to increase your digital footprint and extend what you’ve already accomplished in the brick and mortar world. We are totally transparent about what we do and how we go about doing it. Expect weekly updates on exactly how we set goals and then set out to realize those goals. With on-time, on-budget deliverables.


How OWUP makes a lasting digital impression on your customers.

It’s not just a matter of setting up a website. Yes, you need that, but equally important is driving traffic to your website and your store.  We build the online road to your store, optimizing the online shopping experience for new and returning customers 

Learn more about what OWUP does to develop and implement a comprehensive digital strategy for your watch and jewelry business to increase your online and digital  sales and foster customer loyalty.

Owup as your digital marketing agency

Let’s plan together to realize your ambitions

OWUP is dedicated to helping watch and jewelry stores around the world increase their sales with effective digital marketing initiatives that get results. Building on the time honored traditions of the luxury goods industry with modern digital techniques to expand your online presence, together we can realize your ambitions. The next step is to “put our heads together,” assess your current website and digital marketing plans, develop a digital strategy and move your watch and jewelry business to the next level. Let us know when to get started!
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