Owup Maintains and Supports Your Website—Day In, Day Out

No Worries Web Maintenance and Support—Owup Supports Your Website 24/7/365

You need to focus on your business and select the watch and jewelry items that reflect your taste and what customers are interested in. Our job at OWUP is to keep your website up and running smoothly so you aren’t distracted from that. Behind the scenes we are vigilant in ensuring that your website is up and running properly, updated when needed, and any changes you request are incorporated as quickly as possible.  Technology and the digital world are constantly changing. OWUP is your dedicated resource to stay on top of these changes and capitalize on new best practices.  Working together, we help build your watch and jewelry business, both online and in store.

What is Website Maintenance?

Website maintenance regularly and constantly checks for issues in content, dead links, a potential security threats and common operational issues. It’s something that must be done constantly. A well-maintained website is absolutely critical to engage and retain customers. You wouldn’t close your watch and jewelry store at random times during normal business hours. You don’t want your website down when potential customers might be arriving; which is just about any time.  Maintaining your website day in and day out includes performing the following activities seamlessly and without customer intervention:

  • Checking that your pages are loading without errors.
  • Running backups so the latest previous version of the site is available if needed.
  • Making updates to software and plugins
  • Ensuring all forms and shopping carts are running properly
  • Preventing/removing spam and malware
  • Protecting your site against security threats


Review the following on a monthly/quarterly basis to recommend any or all of the following:

  • Strategies to optimize user conversion
  • Improvements to website design and structure to facilities better user experience and navigation
  • Update graphics and images.
  • Correct content for accuracy, grammar, typos and relevancy.
  • Tweak popups, forms, shopping cart and/or calls to action
  • Evaluate SEO updates, meta titles and description to improve search rankings
  • Ensure website is properly displaying on multiple devices and browsers
  • Check backup health
  • Change or update advertising and marketing campaigns based on user activity

In addition, every year OWUP:

  • Renews your website domain name
  • Updates references to current year
  • Recommends website design refresh to reflect current web standards and best practices

How Can Owup Help You Grow Your Watch and Jewelry Business?

OWUP offers a range of affordable website maintenance packages, customized to your specific needs as a seller of luxury goods. No long-term contracts. We offer SEO, hosting, security, backups and ongoing support.  Most of all, we offer peace of mind that your website is working properly, attracting customers and growing your business.  For a free consultation, complete the email form below and tell us your needs.

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