“It all started with a goal to provide valuable services and
handcrafted solutions for the luxury industry.”

An International Marketing specialist, Watch and Jewelry Aficionado, and a USAF IT Specialist, saw that the luxury industry was in a stagnant state with cookie cutter designs, and outdated technology.  Our initial goal was to build custom websites that captivated customers and provide business’s with increased sales.  This was only the beginning as the business grew we have become an international organization with team members all over the world to help business’s expand, grow, and reach new heights.  We now are able to manage social media, web development, marketing, and e-commerce for clients all over the world.  OWUP empowers business’s to captivate their online consumers in unique and innovative methods.  The online world is evolving everyday and being forward thinking is necessary to succeed.  Our brilliant team brings innovative and original ideas to keep our clients one step ahead of their competition.

Who are we?

OWUP is a digital agency focused on providing unmatched value to business’s in Advertising, Web Development, and Social Media for the Watch and Jewelry industry. With a focus on modern technology and proven systems, OWUP is proud to work with industry leaders in the watch, jewelry, and commercial space across the world.

Whats so special about OWUP?

Over the years we have established a forward thinking mentality and to the point advice.  We decided it is in ours and your best interest to skip the hyperbole’s and emotional sales pitch.  We are straight to the point, and do our best to give you valuable information to explains what we do, and why we do it.

Important things to know about us.

You live and learn every day of your life and with every project you work on.  We have developed our methods, and experiences because we work directly with all of our clients.  We know what makes great experiences because we have developed proven methods through trail and error.  We have rescued many online stores from pitfalls that other agency’s have employed.  We stay away from gimmicks that drive traffic but don’t bring in the revenue you expected.  We firmly believe that the only way to build your brand and have financial success is to build an online storefront the reflects your brand.