Digital Solutions for watch and jewelry stores

Providing Solutions to Increase Watch and Jewelry Store ROI

Owup doesn’t only sell digital services

OWUP solves watchmaker and jeweler problems employing digital strategies If you’re in business, you need a website., Because increasingly, shoppers do most of their browsing and purchasing online. And even if they come into your store, odds are they first checked you out online, or heard about you from emailing, or signed up for a text alert on products that interest them.

So if you have a website, send out emails and text customers, has enough been done to successfully drive new sales to your business? Not necessarily. Just having a website doesn’t mean people are visiting your website in significant numbers, any more than owning an actual store translates to people swarming through your doors.

At least with a physical store, you can count on a certain percentage of “drive-by” traffic. But your website is like a grain of sand on an endless beach, a tiny part of the worldwide web. That’s where OWUP can help. As a digital marketing agency specializing in the watch and jewelry industry, we design and maintain websites supported by digital strategies based on your business needs to increase your sales, online and in-store.

Our process is to determine your pain points and develop solutions that overcome them. Here’s just a few examples:

Owup rallies sales for rolex retailer

Situation: The web storefront of a Rolex retailer.
Problem: After three years, the online shop hadn’t generated a single sale.
Solution: OWUP did a complete overhaul, encompassing:

  • Website redesign using WordPress templates to provide a modern look with intuitive  navigation and easy-to-use shopping cart
  • Fresh product pictures and descriptions
  • SEO strategies throughout with effective keyword placement to optimize search engine rankings

Result: Total online sales  of $100,000 USD after only three months. Contact and in-store traffic increased by similar amount.

Customer Comment: “Just today we sold two of our most popular Breitling watches, the Lady Colt Quartz 33. One sale was  online and the other came into the store as a result of being on the website. The response has been enormous since OWUP redesigned our website and increased our digital profile. I don’t know exactly how they do it, but I want them to continue to do it.”

Owup email blasts boost total online sales

Situation: Need to inform customers of seasonal promotions and new product launches.

Problem: How do you get ishoppers interested in a timely manner that also encourages them to your web storefront.


  • Email newsletters using the Mailchimp platform to gather subscribers and send emails appropriate to campaign objectives, e.g., Christmas is Almost Here, Get Wound Up with a New Watch, etc.
  • Creative copywriting to engage customer interest, promote customer brand and new products and direct traffic to website.
  • Design subject headers to improve open rate and avoid spam folder.

Result: Total sales resulting from various email campaigns during the year accounted for 20% of all online purchases.

Customer Comment: “Email campaigns accounted for almost a quarter of yearly online sales. Spending a little money upfront on this kind of digital marketing pays off with high ROI. If you aren’t running periodic email newsletter campaigns, you’re not only losing sales, you’re losing to your competition.”