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Engage Your Audience with Online Marketing

Digital marketing is the process of publishing ads and other promotional material through various online platforms, in particular Facebook/Instagram, Google and Mailchimp. Unlike newspaper ads or other traditional media, online marketing isn’t a matter of “send it out to a broad audience and hope someone pays attention.” Rather, online marketing is a tool that is targeted to your audience, providing measurable results that allow for immediate pivoting to improve and maximize conversions.

Given all the various options for digital ads, how do you determine which ads best engage your audience and what rate of conversions can you achieve from the money you will spend? That’s how OWUP can help you. We are experts in designing and positioning ads to engage targeted audiences on Facebook/Instagram and Google. In addition, we run highly effective email campaigns using Mailchimp.

Equally important, we report back to you the results achieved, and recommend actions that build on achieved results insights into targeted audience behaviors. If something isn’t working, we develop something new that will. By engaging customers using these various digital platforms, we build your brand awareness and, moreover, put your business at the forefront for customers who are ready to buy.

Data Driven Marketing=Smarter Business Decisions

How do you get ads on Google, Facebook and Mailchimp campaigns convert to sales? It’s a three-step process:


  • Write an effective ad designed to achieve stated marketing objectives (e.g., get more “hit” on the website, promote a new product line, get more likes, etc.)
  • Measure the ad’s effectiveness (e.g., how many hits did the website get, how many email sign-ups for updates on the new product line, how many likes within 24 hours, etc.)
  • Develop best practices that incorporate what works and eliminates what doesn’t.

OWUP provides both real-time access and monthly reports about what customers are doing (or not doing) in response to digital ads, social media posts, email campaigns and website shopping behavior. This data enables smarter business decisions that lead to converting visitors on your website to buyers of your watch and jewelry items.

Digital Marketing Tailored to Jewelers and Watchmakers

The advantage of working with OWUP is that we specialize in your industry. This saves you time and money: working with a digital marketing agency that doesn’t have to figure out your business. We already know. And we have a demonstrable record of success in working with watchmakers and jewelers to build online sales funnels that engage your audience and convert interest into sales, both online and in-store. To see how we can customize a digital marketing plan to engage more of your customers, complete the email form below.

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