Social Media and Content Management

Get More Social! Grow Your Brand with Social Media Managment

The whole point of social media marketing is to stimulate interest in your watch and jewelry products, drive this interest to your website, and convert interest into sales. This can include promotions, discount offers, items of interest, or news tidbits about your business. Social media content is published on a variety of platforms, including blogs, email campaigns, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. It can also take the form of PPC (Pay per Click) ads on Facebook and Google.  A common misperception is that just posting something to your social medial content is managing your social media content. But that’s exactly what it is. Just posting.  Social media management involves a combination of skills: copywriting, graphic design, channel management, data analysis, market planning. OWUP develops and executes a strategy that details:


  • Your targeted audience(s)
  • Ad budget
  • Campaign objectives
  • Post frequency
  • Platforms to post to
  • Measurements of effectiveness to achieve campaign objectives and recommended  corrective actions

Your business is selling jewelry and watches designed by artisanal craftspeople. OWUP crafts social media campaigns that use the art of marketing to build rewarding customer relationships.


Build Relationships with Social Media Managment

Effective social media engagement not only provides a greater online footprint for you watch and jewelry business, it connects your business to current and future customers in a personal way. When people feel more connected to your jewelry and watch business, they are more likely to purchase from you.  OWUP helps you build relationships with customers the same way you do in you store: by addressing their interests, prompting their curiosity, promoting your brand, and offering incentives to buy your products.

Be Your Brand

Social media posts are the online voice of your brand. To make that voice heard, OWUP designs consistent graphic representations, business logo and typeface. Equally important is the literal voice—the wording of the ads, blog content, and other promotional materials. All modulated to address the needs and desires of watch and jewelry customers.The overriding objective is to create followers, potential customers interested in your products and services. By creating a sense of excitement about new developments and providing helpful advice on jewelry and watch care, followers become buyers.

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Increase Traffic to Your Website

A primary objective of social media is to drive traffic to your website and convert that traffic to buying customers, both directly online and in-store. To do this and increase your search engine rankings, social media content must be:

  • Well-written original content with attention-getting headlines relevant to the target audience, i.e., solves a problem, provides useful advice
  • Shareable to increase your base of followers
  • Tagged with appropriate metadata and SEO keywords
  • Linked to your blogs, web pages and product manufacturers

These are just some of the ways to increase traffic and conversion to your website. The overriding principle is to create interesting original content to your social media with regular frequency.

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Employ Owup to Manage your Social Media

Social media management is the strategic process of creating, scheduling, analyzing, and engaging with content posted on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. OWUP designs social media management and content plans for jewelers and watchmakers to reach new customers online and promote their brand.  It’s much more than just posting. It’s employing OWUP to post with a purpose.  To see how we can manage your social to engage more of your customers, complete the email form below.

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