How Jewelers Can Plan Content for Social Media


Social media is essential for any business’s marketing strategy. While jewelry/watch stores are in-person businesses, drawing customers to your storefronts, both physical and virtual, is the purpose of social media. Advertising has always been a part of your business model, even if it was simply word of mouth. Social media allows word of mouth to spread quicker and with more precision. Of course, it’s only effective if your presence is constant.

If people come to your website and find your most recent blog post was two years ago, it’s like walking into a room that’s half-painted. Publishing posts daily can be tedious. We understand your apprehension, but a social media strategy is essential and will benefit your business.

Why is it important To Be Present on Social Media?

If every customer you’ve ever had walked past your store every day, would it boost business? Almost certainly, yes. Now, will every customer you’ve ever had walk past your store every day? Almost certainly, no. Social Media postings can engage loyal customers while seeking out new customer relationships.

To that end, you need to consistently publish new content. Engagement must find that sweet spot of reminding customers you exist without bombarding them. It’s a happy medium that should be part of your digital marketing efforts.

It is not simply posting information to get people to click. You want the content to inform them about why they need what you’re selling, then convince them to purchase that necessity from you. It’s not clickbait. The more useful the content, the more effectively it translates into revenue. 

It’s not just about the potential customers knowing your business’s name. It’s knowing that your business is quality. Write from your expertise. Whatever you would share in the store to close a deal, share with them here.

Use a Social Media Strategy to schedule and deploy your content allows you to focus on crafting jewelry.

5 Steps on how to schedule social media posting.

#1 – Find a Topic for the month.

#2 – Create or download images

#3 – Write copy for each post

#4 – Plan the posts in Facebook Creator Studio

#5 – Boost your posts

#1 – Find a Topic for the month.

Selecting a monthly topic or theme for your content allows you to showcase different aspects of your business. It diversifies what you sell, and helps boost sales while managing inventory. You may be known for exquisitely crafted solitaire rings, but if all you promote are solitaire rings, what becomes of your inventory?

Each month is an opportunity to showcase items that appeal more to online window shoppers than in-person customers at a brick and mortar shop. Staying on topic plants seeds in the customer’s minds without pressuring them to make a purchase. It’s an effective piece of jewelry marketing.

#2 – Create or download images

Leverage social media platforms as a means of direct advertising to your customers. Instead of taking out an ad to show the latest collection of rings in your jewelry display, simply post a photograph on Facebook or Instagram to expand your reach and engage your audience. With jewelry marketing, let the jewelry shine.

Even with all the filters digital photography provides, sometimes it’s better to use pre-made images from your brands. If you have an image bank of professional photos from previous marketing campaigns, now is the time to tap into those. 

Search promotional material on the websites for the brands sold at your store. Cite and source the imagery to draw people customers to your website.

#3 – Write copy for each post

Include copy along with any image you post. Even if it is a single sentence, it’s essential to publish content that inspires, educates or entertains. Purely transactional, sales-oriented posts will get ignored over time. Your reader/customer needs to benefit from the information you provide. 

Positive engagement with your brand will breed trust. When the time comes to purchase a watch or jewelry, they will think of your business.

Your post should include a Call to Action. Sometimes your content is meant to compel readers to make a purchase. Other times, it simply translates to engagement. Either way, you can measure your post’s effectiveness by seeing how many readers follow through with the Call to Action.

It’s important to understand how social media platforms amplify a message. A hashtag (#) helps filter a keyword on Instagram, but is a meaningless “number sign” on Facebook. On the flip side, you can post a link to an outside article on your Facebook page, but the link will not open on Instagram.

#4 – Plan the posts in Facebook Creator Studio

Facebook advertising is an integral part of your social media marketing strategy. Facebook is still the social media standard bearer across nations and demographics. Facebook owns Instagram. The two platforms utilize Creator Studio to schedule posts in advance. This makes it easier for you to handle social media on your own. 

However, if the content you prefer to generate is fine jewelry, hire a social media manager to utilize Creator Studio on your behalf. A social media manager will be able to determine what days/time your audience is active and schedule your posts accordingly.

The Facebook for WooCommerce plugin allows you to tag products within your posts. If people use Facebook as a browser, you can bring your jewelry store to that browser.

#5 – Boost your posts

Digital marketing done properly is like convincing someone across the street to step into your shop. Done poorly, it’s like shouting into an empty void. There is so much content on Facebook/Instagram that organic reach can be elusive. Boosting the posts amplifies the reach to potential customers.

This is another benefit of hiring a Social Media Manager. They will help direct your social media postings to target your most receptive audience on platforms like Facebook or frequent visitors to your Website. 

Email marketing can expand your reach to customers who do not follow you on social media and bring them to engage with your brand.

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