Remarketing Ads to Capture Lost Business

Remarketing Ads Stick With Customers

Ever watch a window shopper walk past your store, peek inside but not enter? Do you wish when they window shop elsewhere, they could see an ad reminding them of your store? Customers do this all the time in eCommerce. Remarketing gives you the chance to connect even after they leave.

Remarketing Ads for jewelers is essential for any online business. It is a way of leaving your business’s impression on a customer. It’s a way to stick with a customer until a purchase is made. Remarketing strategies for jewelers are among the most effective tools in the digital marketing toolbox.  

What is Remarketing?

If you have ever searched for an item on Google, then noticed ads for that item appear on unrelated websites a few days later, you are familiar with Remarketing (also known as Retargeting). Getting them to place items in the cart is like having them on the line. Retargeting ads are how you reel them in.

Remarketing campaign


Here’s how remarketing works: A customer checks out your jewelry website. Your website feeds a cookie to the customer’s browser. The customer carries that digital marker to other sites through the search engine and plants your display ads on new websites they visit. Your business reminds your customer of their interest. Remarketing is an effective method for bringing in higher sales. 

Remarketing builds a custom audience of visitors to your jewelry website. Digital marketing strategies allow your advertising to chase a customer, without them realizing it. As a jewelry retailer, think of it like you pitched to a customer at your counter and they periodically bump into you where you have a chance to follow up. 

Website remarketing is beneficial for jewelers and watchmakers because these are luxury items, not impulse buys. Customers think before they buy. A little reminder can convince them to make a wise purchase and increase revenue.

Remarketing Tools for Jewelers and Watchmakers 

Remarketing can be part of an email marketing plan for jewelers and watchmakers to reach potential customers. Your jewelry store can build its brand through marketing efforts. Social media platforms are excellent spaces to buy ads. Potential customers spend time on social media the way they used to watch ad-supported television. 

Unlike a 30 second TV commercial, a digital banner ad can stay on screen for the duration someone reads an article. Your customer absorbs it as they skim through a webpage, like an advertisement following them around your workspace, reminding them of the work you do. It helps that chronometers and jewelry are enticing products. The visual appeal makes them potent. The longer you view an item, the more willing you are to pay a premium price. 

There are multiple platforms for remarketing. Dominating every platform is a tall order. It’s better to zero in on a single platform and expand as needed. 

Here are three excellent options:


Facebook has a global reach of 22 billion clicks per year. Better yet, as a network, Facebook can curate custom audiences built between friends and family. You can set up specific audiences filtered by the pages they’ve visited. If you sell watches, your Facebook ads can target users who have recently searched for “watches” and “necklaces.” You aim your ad at a hyper interested audience.  

Business Manager is a Facebook service that tracks all activity with your pages and helps you catalog sales and interest in your jewelry business. You can see the customers who are interested in your business and promote a message that’s friendly to them. Facebook allows you to market to friendly faces. 


Existing customers provide roughly 60% of your sales. A newsletter is a way to let your words remind existing customers of the value for the princess cut diamond solitaire ring you sold them. Existing customers are proven to buy 33% more than first-time shoppers.  

This statistic underscores the importance of “Abandoned Cart” purchases. Abandoned Carts are when someone goes to buy a product from your watch or jewelry website, but stops short of buying. Abandoned Cart retargeting will help you close the deal.  Sending an email newsletter is an excellent way of engaging existing and prospective customers alike. 



And then there’s Google. As the largest search engine in the world, 70% of the world’s search traffic runs through Google. Naturally, Google is a great platform for a jeweler to remarket goods. Start by using Google Ads. Make an ad with a platinum bracelet or diamond watch from a designer jewelry brand. Standard remarketing lets you reach past visitors to your site as they browse the Display Network. Dynamic remarketing boosts sales by using ads featuring products or services seen on your website or app. 

Remarketing lists for search ads targets past visitors as they search on Google after they leave your website. Video remarketing shows ads to those who have seen your youtube videos. Customer list remarketing allows you to filter contact lists with information customers have shared with you. When those customers use Google, they can see ads for your business across different Google products. 



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