Boosting your jewelry business with Email Marketing


Email Marketing helps you reach customers

Is a premium experience worth it? As a jeweler, you understand “premium” equals the best service you can provide a customer. Convincing your customer to spend the extra money for that premium is the challenge of sales. 

Email marketing can help. Email marketing is a powerful tool to deepen your relationship with your customer. Upselling to premium via digital marketing allows  you to lay out the pitch for the customer so they can make the most informed decision. 

Email marketing for watch retailers is essential for reminding customers of your top quality service and merchandise. Email marketing for jewelry retailers is a great way of nudging customers to make purchases. It’s a valuable weapon in your digital marketing arsenal.

What is Email marketing?

Email Marketing is the evolution of mailing advertisements. It’s the virtual equivalent of passing out flyers. While you may hear about exciting forms of digital advertising, 85% of adults use email. Email marketing is a way for customers to form a bond with your business. As you build awareness with a customer, it endears you to them. 

As a marketing strategy, email marketing engages customers by reminding them of your business. More importantly, your newsletters should provide beneficial information about the product they purchased from your store. It is not a monthly sales pitch.

Treat your readers with the same courtesy you would as a guest in someone’s home. Make your e-newsletter worth their while. Let it be a fun, breezy and lighthearted read. Open rates are the key to a successful email marketing campaign. This is why you should limit yourself to a single, timely newsletter every month. If you are bombarding clients with offers, they will ignore you. 

Remember, these are personal email addresses. They have trusted you with their contact information. This is the digital equivalent of knocking on their door to see if they have five minutes to talk about the jewelry/watch business. Respecting customers is key to a successful email marketing campaign. 

Email marketing campaigns can be automated to provide year round value. You can generate a year’s worth of content in a short span, then schedule the emails to be sent regularly over the course of a year. 

For example, you can remind recent customers of the benchmarks that their watch or jewelry will need to be serviced. You can schedule service reminders for these benchmarks to keep the customer satisfied with their purchase. 

This type of email will drive traffic to your jewelry store. A waterproof watch requires an annual pressure test to confirm the gaskets are working properly. An automatic watch needs full service every five years. The claws on a diamond ring are vital to securing your stone and should be checked yearly. 

Marketing automation allows you to send timely email newsletters with direct calls to action. Phrases like “keep reading” to “visit our store” and occasionally, “don’t miss this deal” increase engagement. 

Cultivating your subscriber list is crucial to sending a series of emails. Watch customers should receive information pertaining to your watch business and jewelry customers receiving jewelry information. 

Potential customers can also be reached through Abandoned Cart Emails. When an online customer goes to checkout, but does not complete the transaction, you can program emails to politely nudge them towards making the purchase. 

Jewelry marketing allows you to speak to the quality of your merchandise, current value of precious metals and gems, and trends in jewelry to sell the story. Let the subscribers choose their content. If they opt out, remove them from your list. It will make them less likely to return to your store for any purchase.

Successful Examples of Email Marketing

Email marketing is all about the upsell. Typically, your audience is composed of customers. You can use metrics on mass email services like Emma or MailChimp to see who is opening your emails and how they engage with your content. 

Upselling is offering a more premium experience to your initial sale. Those details can change depending upon the season. For instance, for watch customers, you should send out an offer for a classic leather strap before the holidays. However, if you’re sending out an offer before summer, it would be wise to send out a waterproof, rubber strap.

For anyone who purchased a mechanical watch in the past three years, send out an offer on a Watch Winder. Better yet, invite them to the store for service maintenance. During the summer, people are more likely to spend time in the water. In the spring, it’s good to remind customers to bring a waterproof timepiece into the store for a Pressure test. This test will let us know if the waterproofing is holding up on the watch. If it passes, your client is ready to scuba dive this summer. If not, some new gaskets will protect their watch against the depths. 

For jewelry customers, any time of year is good to clean jewelry. Not only does it keep up the sparkle, it improves the value of your jewelry. This also allows the jeweler to check the prongs and settings to be sure the stones are secure. The best way to find your diamond is to make sure it never falls off your ring.  

Again, upselling is about ensuring your customers are getting premium service.

What’s it mean for your jewelry/Watch Store?

Depending upon how you found OWUP, you may have experienced the benefits of email marketing. This information is presented as a guidebook for you to run your own Email Marketing campaign. 

However, reading this may have convinced you to hire an expert to handle your business’s Email Marketing. If you do hire someone, we hope this article will help you guide them to success. 

And if the campaign succeeds, your business succeeds. 

Our methods are tried and true instead of classified trade secrets.

Contact OWUP to see how we can help your watch or jewelry store thrive.




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