Top 5 Email Marketing Tips for Watch and Jewelry Stores.


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You learned the benefit of email marketing from our previous article. It’s quickly becoming the most reliable of marketing strategies. 85% of adults receive email. TV is streamed, fast-forwarding through commercials. Banner ads are subconscious. Radio reaches niche audiences. A well-crafted email is still the best way to get a customer’s undivided attention. 

Digital marketing forges bonds between customers and your business. It’s about cultivating potential customers by building trust instead of trying to sell them every month. 

This article will share useful tips for writing an email newsletter for your watch and jewelry store.  At OWUP, we want your watch or jewelry store to get the most out of your marketing plan. Read on to discover the Top 5 Email Marketing Tips for Watch and Jewelry Stores.

TIP #1 – Get personal!

The first tip to a successful email campaign? Get Personal. What makes you open an email? You are more likely to open an email that is addressed with your name. The personal touch indicates “this is more than a generic email blast.”

Personalization is key to getting a customer to open your email newsletter. But that only gets them through the door. You have to show enough creativity and understanding of your subject to keep them engaged. That’s where relevancy comes in. 

People buy watches and jewelry to show appreciation and love. They are thoughtful gifts that are stylish and practical. Your email list consists of recent customers. Remind them of the quality of their purchase. They have bought jewelry or timepieces from you in the past. Make them feel good about this purchase and get them thinking about their next jewelry purchase. 
Remember always, you are addressing a real person. The name in the “from” line needs to be spoken to like a neighbor, not a target audience. The sales skills you’ve honed over years working a jewelry counter will come in handy here.

TIP #2 – Promotions are not everything

Traditionally, you advertise when something special is going on. When you have a special deal, you send out ads. That makes sense because you were moving physical material. You needed to make a return on that investment.  The second tip is that PROMOTIONS ARE NOT EVERYTHING. 

If customers read 25% OFF WATCHES in the subject line, they will only open it if they want to buy a watch. If the subject line reads, “WHAT’S THE BEST WATCH FOR THE MONEY?” anyone who owns a watch opens it up. This is a chance to spread your proprietary expertise.  

They will trust you as an authority in the field. Growing your business is the ultimate goal.  Emails that engage customers nurture your relationships. You want customers to associate all jewelry with your jewelry store.

TIP #3 – Optimize for Lifetime Value

Our third tip is to optimize your campaign for lifetime value. Your newsletter is a soft sell. You are building a rapport so that when the time comes for them to purchase jewelry or a watch, they will come to your store. 

Each email newsletter should offer insight to the customer, same as you would if they were in the shop. They can buy that jewelry piece from anyone. Make them want to support YOUR BUSINESS. You are cultivating a customer for life. That requires patience. If you email them once a month about deals or unfocused gimmicks just to build engagement, the customer will delete your emails the second they land in their inbox. Worse yet, they could unsubscribe. 
Treat every one of your email addresses like guests at a party. Treat them like clients. Your business is to provide them with quality jewelry or watches. They are not looking to boost your sales. They are buying the quality you sell. If you want loyal customers, respect them.  The text in your newsletter continues the conversation you started in the shop.

TIP #4  – Crisp and Clean

You know a thing or two about visual panache. You present your watch and jewelry business with class and sophistication. Jewelry marketing promotes a luxury product.  Your email newsletter needs to be presented with the same quality. 

Tip Number Four: Keep your emails crisp and clean

Choose elegant fonts. Show that you put effort into the newsletter. Personalize it. This newsletter is like you sending an ambassador from your business to maintain your relationship with the customer. Your emails need to look current and stylish, not like you’ve been hitting copy and paste on a newsletter you wrote in 1990 on a Commodore 64. 

Emails should be easy to read and to the point. Keeping the formatting clean simplifies the message instead of overwhelming the customer with decisions and images. Get them to your landing page.

TIP #5  – A/B Testing

The final tip is to conduct A/B Testing. That’s a tech term for Either/Or. You format the text in two, slightly different versions and ask employees, colleagues and trusted customers which type of email they prefer: A or B. Whichever version is selected more is the version to send out. Nothing beats a tried and true format. 

Once you have selected the winner, check the formatting to ensure it appears properly on mobile, desktop and other devices. You don’t want links to your online store to work on Desktop but not mobile versions. 
Finally, you need to track data to see how many emails are being opened.  Mass email services like Emma and MailChimp will give you data on engagement: who opened it, who read it, who deleted it, who clicked on the link?  These numbers tell you which customers are most reliable.  Data can verify you are getting the most out of your marketing efforts.


These tips are meant to refine your email marketing strategy. The past year has slowed foot traffic. Re-introduce your business to past customers who have spent the past year putting off big life moments: graduation gifts, anniversary presents, and engagement rings. Email marketing strategies drive customers to your business: both retail and online.  

Engage your customers. Offer them content that proves insightful. Whether they buy from you two months down the road or two years, a light touch and routine contact ensures that when the time comes for them to buy, they will buy merchandise from you. If email marketing strategies still seem confusing, we can help.

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  1. Monika Grover says:

    Hey, great blog! My friend started a Jewelry store last year and recently she started online marketing. She could really use these tips. I am going to share this with her. Thank you so much for the tips. Keep sharing more.

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