7 Tips and Internet Marketing Strategies For Your Jewelry & Watch Store


This article was written for Jewelry & Watch businesses looking for Internet Marketing Strategies. Above all, these best practices were culled together to help you establish a larger, more intentional web presence. The better you spread the word about your business, the greater the impact your message has on the world.

Internet Marketing Strategies


  • What is your target audience? What problems can you help them solve?
  • Compile a list of keywords and phrases reflecting those problems that your target audience may ask a search engine.
  • Enter those keywords into Google AdWords’ Keyword Planner to find similar phrases.
  • Determine the monthly total of search results for those keywords.
  • Pick your favorite of the top 10 results.
  • Curate your website content to target those phrases by catering your website to those terms.
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  • Utilize Google and Bing’s webmaster tools and consoles to test your website.
  • Add your business’s address to the Google and Bing map database.
  • Customize your Contact Us page to distinguish social network and location information.
  • Incorporate Google Analytics into your website and set engagement goals.


  • Establish social media accounts (Google, Bing and Facebook) designated specifically for marketing your Watch and Jewelry business.  
  • Research the nuances of each system to create stronger campaigns, utilize ad groups for more impactful ads. 
  • Select the proper keywords to maximize return. 
  • Explore bidding strategies to prevent wasteful clicks. 
  • Set up your campaigns, ad groups and ads. 
  • Build in conversion tracking codes into your website to confirm the number of conversions on your website. 
  • Test two versions of your ad copy and measure which one performs better (AB Testing).
  • Design landing pages to attract those who click on your ads to further their engagement. 
  • Launch your ad campaigns and track results on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, calibrating your campaign according to audience response. 
  • Chart performance across PPC networks and adjust your campaigns based on what is successful per network. 


  • Find the social media platforms that best fit your business’s demographic. IE: You’re more likely to find customers on Facebook or LinkedIn than TikTok.  
  • Set up accounts and pages for your jewelry and watch business on preferred social networks. 
  • Customize accounts and pages to match your website’s branding.
  • Embed pages and accounts with five to ten relevant pieces of content to link back to your business’s homepage. 
  • Invite colleagues, family, patrons, and volunteers to follow your jewelry and watch store’s social accounts. 
  • Schedule a post to each respective network based upon the content each requires. 
  • Post routinely, based on what your audience needs rather than promoting your jewelry or watch business. 
  • Utilize both public and private Facebook groups to collaborate and build community.  
  • Chart user migration from social media to your website.  Quantify how much traffic each post drives traffic to your site. 
  • Promote posts that drive traffic to your website to expand your reach.  
  • Respond to messages from your account’s followers as quickly as possible in a transparent manner. 
  • Keep your posts engaging, interesting and informative. Limit solicitation posts to one every 10-15 posts.
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  • Determine the number of email list subscriptions you want to make available to your audience. 
  • Set trackable goals for every one of your email lists.
  • Create an email template for all of your mailing lists. 
  • Upload your templates and contact lists to your preferred email list management service. 
  • Automate your email updates and program it to pull content from your  website.
  • Create a calendar and distribution schedule for each respective list. 
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  • Generate a sample list and send a test email to yourself. 
  • Evaluate your email marketing campaign’s success from the number of responses to your call to action, followed by open rates (people who read your email), clicks (people who click on the links embedded), bounces (people whose contact information is incorrect) and forwards (people who pushed your information along).


  • Scrutinize every one of your pages based upon how you hope visitors will respond to each page’s content.  
  • Determine if your page follows AIDA formula (attention, interest, desire, action). 
  • Confirm your title and key headlines on your pages utilize keywords and phrases relevant to your Business. 
  • Add a link to click on every page to keep visitors moving onto the next step after consulting your content. Make it easy for patrons to get involved with your cause. 
  • Utilize dynamic sales language to inspire your visitors to act on your message.
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  • Contact websites for related watch and jewelry stores and ask them to link back to yours. 
  • Promote articles and press releases on behalf of your business and other websites. 
  • Write articles as a guest blogger to noteworthy websites and online publications. 
  • Submit your link to all industry-adjacent directories and trade associations that apply to your organization. 
  • Establish an exclusive Facebook group for preferred friends of your jewelry and watch business (loyal and prospective customers) to provide you with constructive input and ongoing discussions. 
  • Earn respect in your field by offering content available for download: videos, checklists, audio clips, templates, and guides.  
  • Produce a podcast to engage with your audience on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Buy display ads through various networks to draw people to your site. 
  • Offer your blog to Google News to run it on their news portal. 
  • Include links to your website and social media in all printed material you distribute.
  • Develop and display special tools like surveys, questionnaires and calculators useful to visitors so that they have reasons to frequent your website and recommend it to other users.


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