Top 5 Ways to get your Watch Store Recognized

Get Noticed Selling Watches Online

You know how to sell watches. Whether it’s luxury timepieces or mechanical watches, you know how to get a high quality watch out of the display and onto a customer’s wrist.   Read on to find out our Top 5 ways to get your watch store recognized online.

You understand the power of trust between your business and the customer. How do you expand that trust to customers who aren’t standing right in front of you? 


More specifically, advertising online. There is a way to bring the same level of customer service provided at your storefront to the digital marketplace. Your customers will appreciate it. 


Here are our Top 5 ways to get your Watch Store Recognized.

#1 - Advertisement

Advertising is the ultimate “spend money to make money” move. Like hiring lawyers and accountants, advertising is essential to running your business. It’s how you spread the word about your watch or jewelry store. Your shop may be the best place to get your watch serviced or buy a vintage Rolex, but unless the customer walks past your shop there’s only one way to let them know: advertising. Maybe you are already doing it and you don’t like the results. Maybe you’re too proud to brag about your business. Whatever your reasons, advertising is a must and there are ways to do it proficiently using online platforms Start by personalizing your advertisement. Catch attention by creatively showcasing your business. Make your advertising relevant to your customers.  Determine the message you want to send about your watch business. What do you wish to showcase about your business? Your exceptional customer service? Your relationship with luxury watch brands? Once you know the message, what’s your goal for when you send it out there? A marketing firm can help you clarify these goals for you. Be wise in selecting who you want to represent your business.  Now that you have your message, your marketing team and your goals in place, ask yourself how do you want to present your business to the world?

#2 – Use Social Media Correctly

Social media is an inexpensive way to engage your customers. It can be fun, too. Whatever your feelings about Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, your business must be present on social media. You have to interact with prospective customers in a positive way.

Think of social media like a bulletin board outside your business. People pass by and associate whatever they see on that board with your watch store

Top 5 ways to get your watch store recognized

Make sure that you stand behind whatever you post. More importantly, make sure that your posts are about your merchandise and the services you provide.

Share your expertise as a watch collector by writing articles. Link to articles on watch collecting that you found fascinating to spread the knowledge. Be creative about the images and articles you post. Keep them consistent with your branding. In the end, you will stand out in a positive way.

#3 – Be Good at What you do.

If you’re reading OWUP, chances are you’re in the watch and jewelry business. You are confident in your knowledge of premium watch manufacturers like TAG Heuer, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, and Vacheron Constantin. Consumers can purchase these products at many businesses. Show them the benefit of buying from your business. 

You know when a timepiece is a work of art and when it’s just a watch. Offer the best price and premium service. Strive to provide the kind of experience they simply cannot get by ordering from Amazon. Show your customers how much you care about the products you sell. Then, let the product speak for itself.

#4 - SEO Research

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. If advertising is like fishing, SEO is like a premium lure. Most people do not look past page one of a Google search. That means your business needs to land on the first page. A way to boost your placement and drive traffic to your website is SEO. Choose attractive keywords commonly found in searches and direct customers to your business.  Taking time to research SEO strategies related to your industry can increase your brand awareness. If people know your business, they are more likely to shop there when buying a watch.  SEO is also an excellent way to associate your business to premium brands. When people shop for watches online, you want them to think of your business.

#5 - Utilize Google’s AdSense

Paid ads are an excellent way of getting business, both retail and online, in front of your target audience. Narrow down your audience, tailor a great pitch and utilize AdSense. What does AdSense do? Google embeds your ads in automatically placed on sites most pertinent to your brand and target audience. AdSense directs your ads to the most receptive spaces.

What’s It Mean for Your Watch Store?

5 strategies to get your business recognized. Granted, we just dropped a lot of information on you. Hopefully, you have a better understanding of how to build awareness in your business.   However, if you read this and said, “that sounds great, but where do I begin?” The answer is right here. We are OWUP. Our Work Unites People.

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