Top 5 Key Features for A Successful Jewelry Website

You understand the jewelry business. Whether your shop is your birthright or vocation, you take pride in your jewelry product. This is second nature. Running high quality jewelry websites is not. However, online shopping is not the way of the future. ECommerce is essential to your business right now. 

Consider your website as the digital extension of your jewelry store. Read on to discover the Top 5 key features for a successful jewelry website.

    1. The page needs to be Mobile and User Friendly. 
    2. The page needs a smooth check out process
    3. The page needs to be speedy. 
    4. The page needs a clear call to action.
    5. The page needs high quality images and product descriptions.

If any of that sounded like a foreign language to any jewelers reading, allow us to explain:

Why are these top 5 key features for a successful jewelry website important to you?

What makes these features so important? 

If your business doesn’t function properly on mobile devices, you will lose people shopping on their phones.

If your website is difficult to use, customers will give up. If customers have trouble checking out, they will leave without completing the purchase. 

If your website is slow, customers will search elsewhere. 

If your website is overstuffed with information, your customer may struggle to find the one jewelry product they’re looking for. 

If your web page doesn’t sizzle with striking images and enticing jewelry product descriptions, the other four features won’t matter anyway. 

Those are the pitfalls of online jewelry stores. Avoid those and your jewelry business will thrive, online and retail. 

#1 – Mobile/User Friendly

53.4% of web traffic today is mobile. Did you know a website needs to be formatted for use on a computer screen AND on your phone? If your jewelry website is not formatted for mobile use, the user will dismiss your business. Your website needs to be easy to use. Smartphones have taken over the universe because they provide instant gratification. A customer wants to buy a diamond watch NOW. Make it easy to find. Easy to browse. Easy to purchase. Make the most of your business’s marketing strategy. User friendly is the digital equivalent of customer service. If someone walked into your shop, would you ignore them? No! You ask how you can help. 

#2 – Check out process

If your cash register was locked, would you ask a customer to return when it was open? Never. The same is true of your online check out. Your check out process must be straightforward. Offer multiple payment options, such as major credit cards, PayPal, or ApplePay.  If it’s not easy, your customer will simply abandon the cart and leave. If your checkout process is cumbersome or doesn’t work correctly, your customer will be someone else’s. A purchase needs to be as easy as possible. 

#3 – Page speed

How long does it take for you to address a customer once they walk into your store? Even if you are helping another customer, you let them know you will be with them in a moment. You value their time as much as you hope they value your merchandise. Your jewelry website must work quickly. If not, you’re basically ignoring customers. If a customer doesn’t feel acknowledged, they leave. Online is no different. If your page doesn’t load within seconds, customers will search on another site.  Your merchandise is worth it. Make it easy for them to get there quickly.

#4  – Call to action

Like all jewelry marketing campaigns, your website needs a clear call to action. In fact, it should have one on every single page. These calls to action will draw customers to your current marketing strategy while upselling relevant jewelry products. The call to action is like the jewelry piece you feature most prominently in your display case. 

What key jewelry piece are you looking to sell? You always point the customer in that direction. Make it clear what you’re looking for customers to purchase. Do you want them to buy on the site? Do you want them to visit your storefront? The Call to Action will spur your clients to move. 

A clear call to action that draws customers to your current marketing strategy and upsells relevant products

#5  – High quality Images and Product Descriptions

You take immense pride in your merchandise. You present it in the best light to show how the light passes through each stone. You set each stone to catch light in a certain way. If you simply snap a picture of your merchandise, you will sell it short. Take high quality images that accentuate the exquisite craftsmanship. Spend time writing engaging product descriptions that make them eager to buy. Sell the reaction on their sweetheart’s face when she sees the ring, etc. 

Clear, concise product descriptions and high quality images instill trust from your customers. They value your merchandise and are more likely to increase purchases.

Final Thought

With these five key features, you can increase your overall sales since you will be open to the whole world instead of a limited local population. The past year has sped up the shift from retail to e-commerce. People are accustomed to making purchases online that they would have previously made in person. Even timepieces and jewelry. 

Make it easier for customers to do business with you. We wrote this to help you streamline your website to make your online storefront as successful as your brick and mortar store.

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