What OWUP means to us.

Our World Unites People.


We are often asked what OWUP stands for. It’s an acronym meaning:


As digital marketing experts who specialize in boosting watch and jewelry stores’ online profile, OWUP connects sellers and consumers. Luxury goods cater to refined tastes. We update that tradition to reflect today’s digital shopping habits.

As an agency shepherding watch and jewelry stores into the digital world, OWUP will design your website, manage your social media and create content on your behalf. We are not simply techies. We know the jewelry and watch industry. We understand your objectives and can help you expand your ecommerce revenue.

OWUP collaborates to expand your digital footprint beyond your brick and mortar storefront. Our methods are transparent. Communication is key. We deliver updates on a customer relationship basis, setting goals and determining how to achieve them, on time and on budget.

Official Partners

Having partnered with Mailchimp, Google Cloud and Facebook marketing, OWUP takes the classic trade of jewelry and watchmaking to the 21st Century. Mailchimp sought out OWUP as a leader in the jewelry/watch digital marketing niche.  With partners like Mailchimp, OWUP expands its reach into the digital marketplace.

In addition to the list-building, email newsletter communication power of Mailchimp, OWUP partners with Google Cloud. The marketing benefits of these partnerships are numerous.

– OWUP can bring their clients tech ecosystem together in a single space.

– This simplifies management for store owners as it integrates your website with Google or WordPress, making it easier to curate content or track transactions.

– The partnership gives OWUP access to marketing campaigns, sales content and Google’s vast support resources all for the benefit of your watch or jewelry store.

– Most importantly, OWUP can score you discounted fees for using these services.

Finally, OWUP has an official partnership with Facebook Marketing. The support of Facebook provides our agency with access to a brand consultant. The consultant provides us with tips, support and best practices for marketing on the Facebook platform.

Collaborating with three of the heaviest hitters in e-marketing has helped OWUP expand its reach beyond Europe to the United States and all over the world.  Access to these partnerships amplifies our ability to attract customers to your digital and physical storefront.


It all begins with the craft. OWUP exists because we appreciate luxury watches and fine jewelry. It’s a vintage trade that combines art, science and design. It’s functional, decorative and eternal. These pieces are meant to be bequeathed and inherited. Nothing lasts forever, but a well-crafted ring or watch can last for centuries. You understand this. That is why you have chosen watch and jewelry making as your profession. It’s a traditional business with a viable market. The model for that business is shifting from brick and mortar to online sales.

Your website requires as much upkeep as your watch or jewelry shop. Social Media can attract new business. Email marketing can drive repeat customers. A clear, efficient website can keep your shop open 24/7. OWUP exists to help you thrive in the evolving marketplace.

We can advise you on these services so that you may handle them on your own. Or you can hire OWUP to take these digital concerns off your plate, so you may focus on setting stones and selling timepieces.

What’s It mean for your store?

OWUP wants you to spend more time moving merchandise than figuring out how to set up your website.   Simply put, OUWP stands for Our World Unites People. Let us connect your business with new customers from across the street to across the globe.

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