Marketing Design Trends in the Watch Industry

INtro to Marketing Design Trends in the Watch Industry

Watches have existed since the 15th century. Evolving from the clock, they first started as pocket watches. Wrist watches became prominent among military men in the late 19th Century. 

Watch brands like Rolex and Cartier were soon born, appealing to aviators and race car drivers. The First World War took watches to the mainstream and made it an essential accessory for everyday wear. 

By the 1930s, stainless steel started to be used on wrist watch casings, allowing for greater protection to the gears within and while still being light on the wrist. Steel sports watches became almost standard issue for adult men. Through the rise of digital watches to the smart watches of the 21st Century, the vintage inspired luxury watch still remains a fashion functional choice.  The watch industry keeps up with trends because as long as the world runs on time, people will need watches.


Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Watches are so timeless, watch trends are subtle. It’s easy for the average person to overlook new styles. Social media marketing allows you to show customers the latest looks the watch industry has to offer. Whether it’s a new release from a trusted watch maker like Patek Philippe or an innovative new fashion from Grand Seiko, social media allows you to post images and offers for prospective customers. You promote a superior product while updating your audience with improvements in your industry. Most importantly, you are reminding them your watch or jewelry store is the best place to purchase a watch like this.

  • You Can Grow An Audience With A Small Budget

    Social media marketing is the most cost effective way of advertising your business. In terms of reach, marketing your watch and jewelry store digitally is a great way to expand your audience while keeping costs down.

  • Can Build Custom Audiences

    Beyond growing your audience on a limited budget, social media marketing has improved the lives of marketers by customizing receptive audiences.  Customizing audiences allows you to tailor messages to specific demographics. A 22-year-old woman will have more interest in a smart watch than a vintage inspired Tag Heuer watch. A savvy executive may prefer a Swiss watch Audemars Piguet while a flashy celebrity may choose the latest Oyster Perpetual from Rolex. Getting data on your customers’ interests helps you customize your messaging even more.  You may curate customized waitlists to provide customers with hard to find products and industry best prices. It helps business owners understand their customers better than ever before. 

  • Build Relationships With Your Target Consumers

    Your relationship with your customers is more vital than ever. The business that best connects with its customers is a business that grows. You want to build relationships by keeping customers up to speed on new styles and offering outstanding value and customer service. Once you have a customer’s trust, you must work to solidify their loyalty.


Strategies to Market on Social Media

Naturally, social media marketing offers many outreach strategies for engaging your audience. Shifting your marketing online means taking on responsibilities and it’s important to understand what those are.  Let’s examine some of those strategies.

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Table of Contents:
1. Creating a Plan
2. Be Present
3. Staying up to Date
4. Advertising

1. Creating a plan

Before you move your marketing work online, ask yourself a few questions about your business: 

What is your business’s brand? What message are you sending? Who is your audience? Where are they located? What concrete goal are you trying to achieve with this marketing plan? 

Who are you? Define your watch or jewelry store and area of specialty. 

What message are you sending? Update on watch industry trends from Omega or Tudor.

Who is your audience? Past customers who purchased steel sports watches like Audemars Piguet, Blue Dials or Royal Oak. 

Where are they located? Find out if they can physically purchase at your storefront or if you will need to ship the product to them.

2. be Present

Are you present in your customers’ consciousness? There is a clear difference between being present and making your presence felt. It’s important to update your business’ social media often and post on a regular basis. What you post should be brief, but valuable.

Be receptive to your audience. Notice the comments and reply when applicable. Be sure to treat clients on the web the same as you would in your store. The internet has a way of bringing out the worst in everyone. Whatever you write up there also lives forever.  Think before you post.

3. Staying Up to date

In order to keep your customers current on design trends in the watch industry, you will have to keep up on trends in the industry.  You have to do the work to maintain the trust customers have put in your watch or jewelry store. 


As your marketing plan is executed, make sure your goals are still aligned with your efforts.  Examine how much of your audience is getting the message. Check your data to see if you post regularly and respond to comments appropriately. 


Most importantly, you have to project the taste in watches that inspires confidence in the customer. If your watch looks cheap or unimpressive, they will not want to buy one from you. Present yourself as someone who is current.

4. Advertising

Put your business out there. Advertise the latest watch trends. Leverage the relationships you have with watch makers to offer the best possible deal you can. Advertising is key to reaching the widest possible audience. A properly run social media marketing campaign can bring a timeless business into the 21st Century. 




Your business is vital. Make it easier to sell to customers anywhere. We wrote this to help you navigate the launching of your jewelry business, both online and brick & mortar. 

Our methods are tried and true instead of classified trade secrets. They are comprehensive study guides rather than cheat sheets. If you do the work, your business will be rewarded. 

Contact OWUP to see how we can help your watch or jewelry store thrive.

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