How Facebook can Help your Jewelry & Watch Business

How Facebook Can Help Your Jewelry & Watch Business

Your Jewelry & Watch Business Needs a Facebook Page

Ever wonder what became of your friend who moved away when you were six? Chances are you can find out on Facebook. Facebook is a global yearbook. Over a billion people use it.  The reach of a social network this large is impossible to ignore. Facebook brings people together.   It’s equipped with a sophisticated array of tools designed to make your message reach the greatest number of potential customers. The potential benefits of a Facebook page for your business are numerous. If you have a Facebook page, good. Let’s make the most of it. If you don’t, read on to find out how facebook can help your Jewelry & Watch Business

#1 - A Space to Present Your Business

Facebook is a great place to publicize your business name, location and contact details, while detailing the products and services you provide. It’s a great way for customers to get to know your jewelry business. Facebook is an ideal tool for business owners because it updates the customer so they are not surprised when they enter the store. It’s a chance to showcase merchandise through a social media marketing campaign. Share posts to a custom audience to sell jewelry online. It’s a place to be discovered. Whether the customer is from halfway across the street or halfway across the world. 

Facebook can help your Jewelry & Watch Busniess

#2 - A Low Cost Marketing Solution

Facebook has over a billion users worldwide. The web traffic is massive. Using the free page in selling your jewelry is an inexpensive global marketing campaign. Facebook is a very popular website with lots of traffic. Demographically, Facebook is a social network covering all ages, skewing mature. Facebook users have more buying power than other social media platforms.  This means you can cut costs by using the free site.

If you wish for a more targeted audience, Facebook ads are key to a social media marketing strategy. Facebook ads utilize the network’s deep understanding of its users’ “likes” to make your marketing strategy most effective. You get the most reach for the value advertising on Facebook.

#3 - Faster Customer Support

Facebook offers communication tools that are difficult to access in traditional marketing. You can stay connected to your customers through private messaging or through Facebook Live posts. If you need to make an announcement, a Facebook Live post will get the word out to your customers instantly. Easier access to customer service equals better customer service. Your page’s comment boards are ways of getting direct, honest feedback. They also work as testimonials. If you’re interested in selling jewelry online, there is no better place to find customers than Facebook.

#4 - Widespread Word-of-Mouth

Facebook is an excellent way of getting your business’s name recognized. Especially for local advertising. Friends and family, other businesses and patrons, are on Facebook. When they follow your jewelry and watch store’s Facebook page, it creates a path linking your business to each of these connections. 

When customers “like” your page, Facebook links them to updates and recommends similar businesses, including your brand partners. This builds customized email lists of interested customers. You are not aiming blindly, but tailoring your marketing campaign to a targeted audience. 

Most importantly, Facebook makes it easier for your customers to spread the word about your jewelry and watch store. They can make recommendations and share new content as you post it. The more they engage with your Facebook page, the more the word-of-mouth will spread your message.

#5 - Advertising to Targeted Audiences

If you ever wondered how Facebook went from a website used to see who was dating who to a company valued at $81 Billion, the answer is advertising. Facebook built a network of a billion users worldwide and understand what products that may interest them. The first way to utilize Facebook for advertising is linking to your business’s website. Posting content on Facebook can inform potential customers of deals at your Jewelry or Watch store. They can buy watches or jewelry through your website. 

Facebook analyzes the information found in user profiles. A business can pay to gain a list of interested parties. For instance, engagement rings are often posted on Facebook accounts to announce engagements. You can follow friends and family. If a ring was purchased at your business, this is a golden opportunity to celebrate a satisfied customer and tastefully win praise for quality craftsmanship. Facebook Advertising offers sophisticated data and analytics other marketing platforms do not have. Traffic on Facebook is inexpensive and plentiful. 

If you are searching for the biggest bang for your marketing bucks, search no more.

What’s It Mean for Your Jewelry & Watch Store?

Facebook Advertising is a key component of any digital marketing campaign. It can draw new customers to your business by targeting ideal customers. People who are interested in jewelry, can afford to buy it and are inclined to purchase it from your business. Bring them to your storefront; digital or brick and mortar. Draw them in through your Facebook page.  However, if you read this and said, “that sounds great, but where do I begin?” The answer is right here. We are OWUP. Our Work Unites People. Contact OWUP to see how we can help your watch store thrive.

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